NameDescriptionOwnerIdle root3 months
dotfiles root8 days
farmhashHaskell bindings for farmhash ( root3 months
git-fu root9 days
github-mirrorGitHub repository mirroring tool root3 months
kafka-clientA Haskell client library for Kafka 0.7. root3 months
language-thriftHaskell parser for the Thrift IDL format. root3 months
pinchA serialization library for Haskell that provides support for Apache Thrift. root3 months
reversibleA Python library to represent, construct, chain, and execute reversible actions....root3 months
sandmanCabal Sandbox manager root3 months
tbrTool to manage my reading list. root3 months
thrift-convertA very simple tool to convert Thrift payloads between protocols. root3 months